Quick Mirror Gloss Neutral Wax


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Mirror Gloss wax polish provides a high-shine finish to shoes. It is composed of naturally glossy beeswax, carnauba and Montan waxes

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Quick mirror gloss wax – black, is a unique traditional formulation. The finest natural oils and waxes are used to achieve superior shine.

How to use

  1. Use Mirror Gloss on clean shoes (see below for advice regarding shoe cleaning).
  2. Apply Mirror Gloss to shoes with a cotton cloth tightened around your second and third fingers. Rub in a circular motion using light pressure. Water can assist with the application. We recommend the Saphir water dispenser to ensure only a small amount is applied to your cloth.
  3. Gently buff the leather in a circular motion with a clean part of the cloth to remove any fogging or cloudy residue.
  4. Repeat the above process to enhance the shine. Allow wax to dry between coats to ensure optimal layering the glossy waxes.


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